We create, design and develop everything for desktops & mobiles, from websites to apps and animations. We're a solid business partner for corporate customers and leading interactive agencies.

About us

We work more like a workshop rather than a factory and we've got more than 12 years of experience which we are happy to share.

Thanks for dropping by. Here at Tim Digital Studio we try to fulfill every need a company may have according to the internet: whether it's a small website project or a large scale application, we know how to deal with it. We gained our experience in leading Polish advertising agencies working for the biggest brands in Europe including Intel, BMW, L'Oreal, Mitsubishi, Hasbro & Aviva. What makes us so unique? We are passionate and we are friends, we support each other and we love this job. Our small team is focused on each project more than in any other company and we believe that high quality may only be achieved if you are concentrated on one target, not many. It's going to be a real pleasure for us to work for you.


Basically we can do everything in digital, but here are some of our key services.

Idea & strategy

We can help you build the perfect idea for your brand or product in digital. We create effective solutions and we find creative ways of targeting potential customers. We concentrate strictly on the final result, which is the increase in sales by providing concepts that are extraordinary and remarkable.

User experience

Insights gained from our research and analysis help us meet the exact needs of the customer without unnecessary fuss or bother. We keep the user's journey on the page as short as possible, so that the user can quickly access information they are looking for.

Visual identity

The symbolic meaning of visible elements such as colour, form and shape can tell you more about a company than simple words. We believe, that visual consistency across all channels and platforms helps the customer to identify the brand as a trustworthy partner.

Digital design

We transform ideas into live images. We like to make our surroundings a bit more colourful and we love to create breathtaking designs, which is basically our passion. Designing is for us the most important part of the creation process - after all, it needs to satisfy the customers.

Motion graphics

Putting our designs into motion helps emphasise the message with energy and complexity. Motion design can not only convey a message, but it can also be the message. It engages the customer for a longer time than still images and it can also tell a story about a product or brand.


From small projects to large scale applications, we’ve got the right team to build them all. Our developing skills include front-end technologies HTML5 & CSS3 and many other back-end programming languages including PHP as the leading one.

Online advertising

We use the internet to deliver promotional messages: from static banners, through to full page animated custom formats. Online & mobile advertising is the fastest growing advertising branch - through modern apps and utilities you can easily see how the invested budget results in your revenue increase.

Mobile & wear apps

We know how to create mobile software specifically for use on small wireless devices including smartwatches, smartphones & tablets. The approach has to be different on each device because the needs of all those users are different. We create hybrid mobile apps that can be launched on any kind of platform.

The Team

We are not only designers, developers and marketeers - most of all we are a group of friends.

Mariusz Maroszek
UX Designer / Art Director

More than 15 years of experience in digital design for brands like Intel, Mitsubishi, Danone, L'Oreal, BMW, Gedeon Richter, Hasbro. Privately passionate about London Underground and architecture, runs at least twice a week.

Sylwia Szewczyk-Buchta
Lead Developer

A front-end and back-end developer, working for companies like Bakoma, PKP Energetyka, FoodCare, Żubrówka, Mieszko. She's got more than 12 yeas of experience in web development and her passion is Tibet.

Partners & Clients

We are proud to support those companies online.

ING Bank The Quality of the Year Supreme 1 TechSET OS3


If you would like to start working with us, take the first step and contact us. We would be delighted to work for you.

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44-217 Rybnik,
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